Tuesday, September 11, 2012

About Stainless Steel

okay, I know I have not blogged in a while but you know what they say. Life just tends to get in the way..lol. My daughter made the volleyball team and school started back for me as well. Between trying to run my online shop Wild Ivy Design, going to school full time, running the household, and being volleyball mom, I have been pretty busy. However in the midst of all that I am still making products and plugging on. Today I want to talk to you about Stainless Steel Jewelry. I have always used silver and gold but stainless steel caught me eye and so I ordered some wire and got to work. I have to admit I like it a lot better than silver. More cost effective and looks just as nice. Here is something I found on s.steel jewelry.

The higher classes have always had a fascination with objects that were aesthetically pleasing, but it is only in recent decades that the same fascination has spread to a large amount of the population. In many cases, this fascination translates itself into the purchase and use of jewelry. Whether a person wants jewelry for its beauty, or wants it in order to look more refined or for any other reason, there are a number of people that buy jewelry every day of the week.

In any case, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account when dealing with jewelry. The first of those considerations has to be given to the actual concept of the materials that are used in the creation of the jewelry. Gold and silver are the two most popular jewelry materials nowadays, but another material has steadily grown in popularity over recent years. Stainless steel jewelry, though not really well known to a lot of people, is nevertheless a growing niche of jewelry. As more people discover the benefits of stainless steel jewelry, more people begin to purchase it. Here are the three main benefits of stainless steel jewelry.

Versatile: Stainless steel jewelry is very versatile. As previously mentioned, the reason that people buy jewelry differs from person to person. Some people buy it just to own something pretty, while others buy it to wear it and make themselves look more attractive in public. Some people also want to look more refined in public rather than attractive and once again wearing jewelry is a way to accomplish this. Regardless of what the circumstances are, there is a piece of stainless steel jewelry available that can help you fulfill those needs; making stainless steel jewelry very versatile.

Good Material: Gold and silver are both very beautiful materials and this is why historically a lot of jewelry and other pretty things were made from one or both of the two precious metals. One of the biggest problems with both, however, is that they both stain very easily. It is easy to smudge or stain gold and silver and for this reason jewelry of these materials needs to be handled very carefully and polished often. The same attention to detail is not a requirement with stainless steel and this makes it appealing to a number of different people.

Durable: When you consider durability, it is quite obvious that stainless steel outperforms either gold or silver. Stainless steel is not only a naturally hardy alloy (as it was created to be), but it is also an alloy that can handle a lot of wear and tear. This means that in the course of wearing jewelry that undergoes a lot of use (i.e. rings and bracelets), stainless steel jewelry will last quite a bit longer than its gold or silver counterparts. This is a bigger return on investment.