Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion Trends For Spring and Upcoming Summer

Ladies it's that time. Spring is here soon to be followed by a glorious summer. It is also time for NEW fashion trends!

So lets just jump right in with number one!

1. According to Trend Hunter.com Bohemian 80's look is in style for spring. Everything from clothes to jewelry. So ladies time to get out those jellies and friendship bracelets. The 80's is back!

 2. Another trend for spring and summer is the minimalist boho look already being spotted on celebrates and fashionistas everywhere. 

3. For the upcoming summer quirky surfer wear and accessories is the trend to look for.

4. One of the odder trends on the top 100 fashion trends is safety pin jewelry.

5.  And for the last one in my countdown, it seems lunar is the way to go. Moons, Moons, everywhere moons.

Thats our countdown for fashion trends, and don't forget to stop by The Rusty Goblin for all your fashion accessories!