Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still figuring it out

So I am still what I would consider new to this whole blogging thing. I don't have many followers and I am still learning the ropes. Like blog hops and link sharing and the so many other things that I just don't understand. So I will say anyone interested in sharing a link let me know @ theartist421@gmail.com. and I am trying to figure out how to have a blog hop of my own or help host one. Anyone out there that has any ideas for me on how to grow my audience shout it out and let me know. I am going to continue reading and learning as I go. I would eventually like this blog to look better as well but that will take money so maybe eventually. Thanks to those that do read my blog and I hope to bring more tutorials soon as well as more interesting post. Leave me a comment and let me know how I'm doing or what I can change!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Super Fast Crochet Baby Hat Instructions

Super Fast Baby Hat

So I have never done a pattern or instruction before so if it suck's sorryyyyy.
Oh and sorry for the bad pic

Stitches used

Ch = Chain
DC= Double Crochet
SC= Single Crochet
SLST= Slip Stitch

You need to know how to do those before you try to do this.

You need a size M or 9mm crochet hook
using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn

Holding the 2 strands together Ch 5 then SLST Join in first Ch
Ch 2
DC in ring 10 times, SlST join, Ch 2, turn
Row 1: 2 DC in each St, SLST Join, Turn, Ch2 (20 st)
Row 2: *Dc next 2 st 2 dc in next st* Repeat from star, SLST join, ch 2, turn (26 st)
Row 3-5: Dc all around, slst join, ch1, turn 
Row 6&7: Sc all around, slst, fasten off

If you want a longer hat just add more rows like 3-5

This hat should fit babys up to 1 year maybe a little bigger.

Thanks for reading
Gin from
Wild Ivy Design

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just in on the Trend report

Just in 
Trend report
MEGATRENDS Fall/Winter 2012-2013

So what's in style for the coming winter?

A big hit on the red carpet this year brings button and stud style earrings to the forefront for 2013.

Hair Jewelry: Evident at bridal runway shows and at some red carpet events, barrettes, hair bands, tiaras, and brooches pinned in place have particular appeal to younger clients for their whimsical effect.

Geometric Shapes and Tribal Effects: Angular pieces like square rings and bangles will work well with column dresses while horn and leather accents will speak to tribal looks in fashion. There's just something very hot about this!

Here is a list to help you out

1. Go Tonal
2. Red is the New Black
3. The Importance of Brown
4. Artisanal Craft – Tribal feels, handmaid look, artisan details
5. Super Size Me – Exaggerated proportionsGarments 2-3 sizes bigger; oversized jackets and pockets matched with skinnier pants.
6. Wild Animals - Long hair, faux furs (especially in red and black), predominant in trims and collars.
7. Subtraction Cutting – Designing with patterns as opposed to creating patters for design. Similar to Yohji Yamamoto style. Asymmetrical looks, sheer chiffons, fluid silhouettes.
8. Elevated Sportswear – Formal and casual wear merging –being able to wear the same outfit day to night.
9. Get Transparent – Transparent fabrics and lingerie. Also as a beauty trend.
10. Go Digital – Rapid prototyping, digital materials (aluminum and silver), digital prints (neons and circuits). 

The four themes are RAW ENERGY (circulatory systems and the forces of the universe exude intense power, releasing an abundance of energy or adrenaline-fueled creation), SENSING MATTER (natural substances like skin and stone inspire a breadth of tactile innovations and the development of materials with increased functions), WILD CRAFT (barbarism goes high-tech in mysterious green forests while handmade goods retain rough and unpolished textures) and DIGITAL DIMENSIONS (innovation finds inspiration in polar landscapes as rapid prototyping merges the best of natural and artificial worlds).

Want to know more? go to http://www.prettyconnected.com/2011/08/stylesight-presents-fw-2012-and-ss-2013-global-trends/

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I said it would'nt happen

So I said it would not happen, I laughed at others, under my breath of course, at being so into reality T.V.. I don't watch the Bachelor, I am not into dancing with the stars. I could care less what some grown up child star is doing now. My mother-n-law calls me and tells me all the time that this or that is on and what all is going on and i just chuckle. But it happened, I'm so ashamed, I ran across it by accident. You all know I have an online store. Wild Ivy Design I was told there are people on you tube that do reviews on products and It helps spread your business. So I was surfing you tube for someone to do a review and maybe host a giveaway or something and I ran across Volgs. The Internets own reality T.V and now I'm a addicted to It's Judy's Life and I am actually actively looking for more interesting vlogs to watch. I still have not found someone to review my stuff because when I go on you tube I end up watching vids...lol I actually think I understand the whole reality t.v thing now. You actually feel like your part of someones life, and that can be kinda cool. So no more making fun of reality t.v er's anymore I guess..lol What do you do that you never thought you would?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall!...ummm..Autumn!.... no Fall!..sigh?

SO it is finally here! My Favorite time of the year FALL!! no I mean Autumn! or Fall I never could understand what the difference is. No other season has an identity crisis like fall/autumn.  Summer is summer, winter is winter, and spring is spring, and then you have Fall/Autumn. What happened that this lovely time of the year got so confused that it needed 2 names. Was it so nice they named it twice? Well whatever the reason Fall or Autumn what ever you prefer is my favorite time of the year. Great weather, wonderful colors, beautiful clothes, great food, I could keep going but I wont. In honor of this wonderful season I will be having a giveaway!!!
I am giving away this Pumpkin Baby Beanie

However I do not have enough followers on this blog to run a successful giveaway so I am looking for someone to host said giveaway. Anyone interested please email me at theartist421@gmail.com with details. I will also be giving away a hostess gift to the blogger that host my giveaway!