Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall!...ummm..Autumn!.... no Fall!..sigh?

SO it is finally here! My Favorite time of the year FALL!! no I mean Autumn! or Fall I never could understand what the difference is. No other season has an identity crisis like fall/autumn.  Summer is summer, winter is winter, and spring is spring, and then you have Fall/Autumn. What happened that this lovely time of the year got so confused that it needed 2 names. Was it so nice they named it twice? Well whatever the reason Fall or Autumn what ever you prefer is my favorite time of the year. Great weather, wonderful colors, beautiful clothes, great food, I could keep going but I wont. In honor of this wonderful season I will be having a giveaway!!!
I am giving away this Pumpkin Baby Beanie

However I do not have enough followers on this blog to run a successful giveaway so I am looking for someone to host said giveaway. Anyone interested please email me at with details. I will also be giving away a hostess gift to the blogger that host my giveaway!