Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I said it would'nt happen

So I said it would not happen, I laughed at others, under my breath of course, at being so into reality T.V.. I don't watch the Bachelor, I am not into dancing with the stars. I could care less what some grown up child star is doing now. My mother-n-law calls me and tells me all the time that this or that is on and what all is going on and i just chuckle. But it happened, I'm so ashamed, I ran across it by accident. You all know I have an online store. Wild Ivy Design I was told there are people on you tube that do reviews on products and It helps spread your business. So I was surfing you tube for someone to do a review and maybe host a giveaway or something and I ran across Volgs. The Internets own reality T.V and now I'm a addicted to It's Judy's Life and I am actually actively looking for more interesting vlogs to watch. I still have not found someone to review my stuff because when I go on you tube I end up watching I actually think I understand the whole reality t.v thing now. You actually feel like your part of someones life, and that can be kinda cool. So no more making fun of reality t.v er's anymore I What do you do that you never thought you would?