Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just in on the Trend report

Just in 
Trend report
MEGATRENDS Fall/Winter 2012-2013

So what's in style for the coming winter?

A big hit on the red carpet this year brings button and stud style earrings to the forefront for 2013.

Hair Jewelry: Evident at bridal runway shows and at some red carpet events, barrettes, hair bands, tiaras, and brooches pinned in place have particular appeal to younger clients for their whimsical effect.

Geometric Shapes and Tribal Effects: Angular pieces like square rings and bangles will work well with column dresses while horn and leather accents will speak to tribal looks in fashion. There's just something very hot about this!

Here is a list to help you out

1. Go Tonal
2. Red is the New Black
3. The Importance of Brown
4. Artisanal Craft – Tribal feels, handmaid look, artisan details
5. Super Size Me – Exaggerated proportionsGarments 2-3 sizes bigger; oversized jackets and pockets matched with skinnier pants.
6. Wild Animals - Long hair, faux furs (especially in red and black), predominant in trims and collars.
7. Subtraction Cutting – Designing with patterns as opposed to creating patters for design. Similar to Yohji Yamamoto style. Asymmetrical looks, sheer chiffons, fluid silhouettes.
8. Elevated Sportswear – Formal and casual wear merging –being able to wear the same outfit day to night.
9. Get Transparent – Transparent fabrics and lingerie. Also as a beauty trend.
10. Go Digital – Rapid prototyping, digital materials (aluminum and silver), digital prints (neons and circuits). 

The four themes are RAW ENERGY (circulatory systems and the forces of the universe exude intense power, releasing an abundance of energy or adrenaline-fueled creation), SENSING MATTER (natural substances like skin and stone inspire a breadth of tactile innovations and the development of materials with increased functions), WILD CRAFT (barbarism goes high-tech in mysterious green forests while handmade goods retain rough and unpolished textures) and DIGITAL DIMENSIONS (innovation finds inspiration in polar landscapes as rapid prototyping merges the best of natural and artificial worlds).

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