Saturday, October 27, 2012

Super Fast Crochet Baby Hat Instructions

Super Fast Baby Hat

So I have never done a pattern or instruction before so if it suck's sorryyyyy.
Oh and sorry for the bad pic

Stitches used

Ch = Chain
DC= Double Crochet
SC= Single Crochet
SLST= Slip Stitch

You need to know how to do those before you try to do this.

You need a size M or 9mm crochet hook
using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn

Holding the 2 strands together Ch 5 then SLST Join in first Ch
Ch 2
DC in ring 10 times, SlST join, Ch 2, turn
Row 1: 2 DC in each St, SLST Join, Turn, Ch2 (20 st)
Row 2: *Dc next 2 st 2 dc in next st* Repeat from star, SLST join, ch 2, turn (26 st)
Row 3-5: Dc all around, slst join, ch1, turn 
Row 6&7: Sc all around, slst, fasten off

If you want a longer hat just add more rows like 3-5

This hat should fit babys up to 1 year maybe a little bigger.

Thanks for reading
Gin from
Wild Ivy Design