Thursday, June 13, 2013

I have never been to Disneyland


I have not had the luck to go to Disneyland/Disney world but it seems like everyone I know has. I am not talking about my lost childhood that is long gone. I am speaking of my children's. I have always wanted to take them there at least once and it has never been where I could. There just has never been the money to go, even when I was working 2 jobs. My son is 15 this year and my daughter is 13 I am hoping I will get to take them before they are grown. Sometimes it seems like everyone around you is having fun and you are standing still watching it all go by. I recently watched some extended family take their kids not once but twice in the past two months because 1. they live so close and 2. other family members help them. My little family is a bit of the black sheep and do not fit in well and do not get invited to most family things because we do not have the money. So not only do I get left out of things but my kids do as well because of me. This year is the first time I have ever had a real vacation I worked my butt off to have it and it was only for 3 days. Best time of our life! I know this post is a major rant but sometimes I just need to let it out. We are in the middle of moving and all the stress of that as well as I threw my back out and I am doing my best to push through the pain. I guess everything just adds up after a while and I need to vent. Is there anything you wish you could do that there never seems to be a way to do? 

Comment below and let us know or just vent with me!