Monday, September 5, 2016

Where have all the good books gone?

If you are a reader like I am, and I read a lot, you will read a few good books then a great book or series and a whole lot of, eh.. well.. it wasn't too bad I guess. I have come to find there are a whole lot of great books out there that are not quite as advertised because there are so many authors now self publishing. Honestly I can see the appeal. I have wrote one book and am working on another myself and still have not found a publisher. One it could be that my book is crap, two it could just be that breaking it to the writing market is very hard for new writers. The only thing I have ever published before other than my art was a book of poetry. I decided to dedicate a portion of my time this past year to reviewing books, and researching the industry. I will be bring you the latest books not only from traditional publishers but the latest and greatest from the Indie world. Also look for my upcoming article on the pros and cons of indie publishing.
Disclaimer: I understand that what I read and what others read are not always the same so I will be posting book releases of all types no matter if they are to my taste or not. I will review the ones I personally find interesting and do standard releases for others so I will not be biased in my review.