Monday, January 13, 2014

Challenge Day 1

 Challenge Day 1

    So I broke my own Idea of trying to blog twice a week already. No excuses much, other than school started back this week for me, that in itself is pretty big for me right now because of the major health issues I am currently still dealing with.

   With that in mind, it relates to my first challenge, (What are your 2014 goals? Blogging, relationships, financial, fitness or any other goals you have.)

 I am taking some advice.

 Set one BIG goal and break it down into 3 small goals.


    My big goal is to be heather. No matter how I have to go about it. I expected to be a lot better than I am by 2014 but as I do not currently make much money and the many health I almost can not walk at all most days. I had Medicaid last year and then I lost it when it was time to reapply. Due to new health care requirements. (thank you obamacare).

    So small goal number one. Reapply again and hope for a different outcome. If not pay what little money I have for some kind of super cheap insurance, and hope for the best. 

Small goal number two. Go back to what I studied for more than 10 years, herbal and holistic healing. I am not ruling out that I need to be under doctors care but at the same time I know that good holistic health care can supplement western medicine and in many cases are better.     

    Small goal number three. Do everything thing I can to get a lap band or the best alternative to it. I know this is controversial for many. However in my case where the very excessive weight has nothing to do with food intake it is needed as it is the the cause of 50% of my medical issues.  

    So that is my first challenge point, I am open to advice or any other comment you may have. Also let me know if you decide to do this challenge as well. I posted it in my previous blog post. 

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