Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Start

 I hope this post does not sound like whining I just need to get my thoughts out there.
This past summer was very rough for me. Moving to a new place and being very sick at the same time took it's toll, money wise and emotionally.I fell behind in my business and everything fell apart. I could no longer do what needed to be done to keep it going. I am still praying on a miracle to find the money somewhere to start seeing my doctors again and get the surgery I need. I had to close down my business and now I do not have that income any more either. So I am starting over. I am starting small. Just a few little things I can do from bed when I cant get up. I am trying to blog more, I missed it very much. I am also reopening my shop and am going to try doing it at ETSY this time. so fingers crossed it works. 
I will also be revamping my blog soon. I fell like giving it a new look will do some good. Any and all suggestions on anything I should do to my blog to make it more interesting is much appreciated.  Also if you want to suggest items I should carry in my shop feel free to do so. I need to find a way to work through the pain and improve my situation. I only have the first item up in my shop right now but more will be coming soon so check it out and give me any feedback you like.