Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday fun

So many things going on right now and so much I need to blog. I met some lovely artist I want to introduce you too when I was in New Orleans. I have been trying some great products lately that I want to shout about. However before I do all of that I have to share that I am super excited because I broke 1000 sales in my store Wild Ivy tonight!!!!! I have worked so hard on this all year I have lost sleep and time and to see 1000 sales in my first year is just amazing to me. Thank you to everyone that has ordered from me and in honor of the 1000 sale mark I am going to host another giveaway. Right now I am looking for sponsors that would like to add something to this giveaway I would love to make it big and great!!! Anyone interested in being a part of this giveaway message me at or just comment here. If you would like to see my shop stop in and check it out!

Have a great Weekend!!