Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hectic Wednesday

Hi all Just stopping by to let you all know  I have not forgotten about my blog! I have been out of town on a business trip/vacation in New Orleans. If you didn't know we are looking to move in June when our lease is up. Neither my husband or myself is happy with the place we live in, my kids dont really like it here either.  Both my husband and myself are Artist by trade and we are both in school to have other options available to us because we are tired of being starving artist. The whole cliche is not so funny when you never know where your next dollar is coming from. We do not live in a community that support artist at all. We were looking into Atlanta but were not very sure so we decided to check out New Orleans and let me tell you I think we may have found where we belong. I hope anyway. New Orleans defiantly supports their artist and it looks like we could do pretty good there. Of course we wont quit school we still need that back up plan and I am only 1 and 1/2 years away from my degree. We are hoping to go back over spring break to make our final decision. So fingers crossed! have a great Wednesday!!
Here are a few pics from the trip!!