Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tired and Losing my mind

So I have not been able to post lately because I am just so busy. I am working so hard to try and get all of my orders out in a timely manner, go to school full time, blog, and take care of the kids and home. I am about to lose it!!!! Everything is falling behind. I am scarping by on school and if I don't catch up soon I will fall behind, my orders are going out late and causing angry customers, I am falling behind on my reviews, and I my home looks like hell. Not to mention I am tired all the time, hardly sleep and am starting to get sick often. I just can not seem to find that happy medium. I want to be super mom but am falling short.
Yeah They are not knocking on my door.
I am trying so hard I want my business to keep going and I feel so bad if I disappoint someone. How to I make it right for being late on a n order though? I understand that if you pay for it you want it now!! At the same time my professors want their homework now! I have tried hiring friends here and there to help ship orders but for the most part it bit me in the but. I have one or two that work really well but they have lives of their own and not much time either. I just cant seem to keep myself from adding more to my plate when it is already full. I need my business because it is how I pay my bills but I need school as well because it will help provide a better future for my family than just relying on my business forever. I guess it is just one of those days where I need to rant because I have to let it out. I know there is not any great answers but if you have any comment! anything words of wisdom, encouragement, or just get over it! Does your life ever feel this way? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Hope you have a happy and hectic free weekend!