Friday, January 4, 2013

Finding Time

I have to admit I am not an organized person, I do not make schedules, I am not good at keeping my tools and bits in one place. I am forever searching for some finding or part or packing material that has been misplaced. I am also always looking for time to squeeze more in my day. I have several reviews I need to do and packages to ship and I always feel guilty for doing one and not the other. Fiting in blogging, a buisness, kids, cleaning, and full time school , there just is not enough hours in the day. So how do you all do it? Seriously I am looking for words of wisdom here, ideas hints come on pepople dont keep all of it to your self are you organized? or are you just as frazzled as I am?
Comment below!!!
Also if you have any idea on organizing my small space on the cheap throw me some ideas. 2013 is my year to get organized!!