Monday, July 16, 2012

And,,,, I'm back again! after a brief interlude.

So after being in the hospital for the past few days I am beck at home!! What an ordeal! A case of strep throat turned into pneumonia + tonsil lesions and thrush! I may not ever win the lottery but when it comes to getting sick I hit it big and all at once. Still not 100% but I am back trudging away. The one plus about the hospital? I picked up a few new clients and I will be selling a medical jewelry line for nurses and other medical staff. I also think once I am back on my feet I will be cleaning out the store a bit by way of a big SALE!!!! My next semester of school starts next month and I would like to have new products up and going by then. Oh so many Ideas and so little time to accomplish them all. Getting kiddos ready for back to school with check ups, getting the apartment back in order, getting well and several new lines of jewelry to design and make, not to mention find time to blog advertise, package and ship products!!!! How to you all get it done, are you very organized or are you more of a fly by the seat of you pants type? Also any one looking to do a posting as a guest blogger while I am recuperating and for future filler pieces hit me up!
So what am I plugging today? is it art is it craft? It is some of both for today I am plugging me!!!     Time to get back on my feet, a few days down is killing me in the sales dept. so help a small business owner out and pass our link around and buy what you like! And remember I always do custom sales for anyone that ask.
Thank you all lots for reading my blog and checking out my shop