Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The return to Handmade

OK so I hope all of this comes out coherent. I have had strep throat for 3 days and have been in and out of fever induced sleep where I was talking to Abraham Lincoln while he played in the cast of Hairspray....Yeah My fevers are pretty kick ass. However being sick like this brought on the thought about buying handmade and all of the effort we put into it. The hours we spend crafting and packaging even when we are sick. When I was in school you were made fun of if you wore handmade things, now it is all the rage finally and people can really appreciate the quality and love that go's onto each and every piece. Of course there are still plenty of people with the view that mass produced is better I blame this on several decades of advertising. That advertising has been designed to brainwash us into rabid consumers, perpetually several purchases away from happiness. There is a list here for 101 reasons to buy handmade that I think is pretty interesting. http://poppytalks101reasonstobuyhandmade.blogspot.com/
Check it out!.
So do you buy handmade original items?