Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is Linkedin a waste of time

Ok so today has been a rough day. I as sick with the flu or something, I had cleaning around the house to do, and work on the store to do. Not to mention it is this late and I am only now just blogging. So the post I give you today comes from a post I saw on Google + today. So do you link in and if so do you feel it helps you with your business any? Do you use it socially?let us know

Isn't LinkedIn just a complete waste of time?
I have always considered #LinkedIn   just a professional network. I don't want to post my day to day thoughts there. To me it isn't for that. I have read articles that claim LinkedIn is an amazing place. But when I go it seems like an also ran Professional (not quite) Social Network. There I make connections to people I have worked with or met in my professional career in hopes of building a network that I hope to never need. I don't want to be unemployed and I hope to not have to use my LinkedIn Network to find a job. I have met some interesting people over there. But I have met so many more over here at #GooglePlus . I have been contacted by two headhunters from LinkedIn. But I am not sure why and it all happened in the same week. But I am not looking for a job. Occasionally I look at LinkedIn and see people who have perhaps not really thought things out and have attached their Twitter accounts to it. I am not sure telling us you are out bathing your dog is job candidate worthy except it shows us you have some regard for cleanliness. Agree or Disagree?