Friday, July 20, 2012

Storenvy V/S Etsy

Storenvy vs. Etsy
I used to sell on Etsy at one time a few years ago and I never really made any sales what so ever but 
I’ve had several people ask why I switched platforms and how I like Storenvy so far. So, here’s a few reasons why I like Storenvy so far:
1. Storenvy is free! During some months on Etsy, I was paying a lot in fees on top of PayPal fees. With Storenvy, the only thing I pay for is $2.99/mo for special coupon code discounts- which are awesome by the way! No fees means more money at the end of the day!
2. Smaller marketplace = better chance of my products being seen. At Etsy I felt like my pieces were buried in the mass of product listed there. On Storenvy, I can search one of my keywords and see one of my items pop up in the first 10-20 results.
3. Customization. My store looks like its own website instead of blending in with all the other storefronts.
4. The community! The forums, “following” aspect, and the interaction with the people behind Storenvy is great. They are actively talking with shop owners and seem to genuinely care about users. (Ex: their Twitter.)
Overall, I am really happy with Storenvy 

Are any of you thinking of making the switch? 
Do you sell there already?
What do you think about this?