Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have you heard of...Storenvy?

So I have had my business at Storenvy for about 5 months now and have realized that there are still a lot of people that have never heard of it. To be perfectly honest neither had I before Christmas time last year. So I thought I would devote today's post to Storenvy, and introduce you all to this great marketplace. I asked a set of questions to several of the store owners on Storenvy  on Facebook the other day, to give you more of a round table view of this place. These are their responses.
My first question was. How long have you been selling with Storenvy? 
Storenvy Veteran Cody Nations of Lu and Ed 
replied she has "been on Storenvy since they were a baby. When I joined there was less than 500 users."
To quote her blog "Storenvy now has over 15,000 launched stores and is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites out there" (
So any advice I get from her I put in my Storenvy bible, she is definitely my go to gal for Storenvy info! 

My next question was what made you decide to choose storenvy?

Some were refereed there by friends, and the perks are what made them go for it.  Danielle Moore Strong 
of Squshies said she loved the idea of no fees and customizing you can do there.

I wanted to know, Do you sell on other sites and if so what is it?
 Cody replied "I would never ever dream of selling on another site. I love Storenvy too much. :)" Talk about loyalty ! 

Dianna sells on Facebook some and Danielle uses Etsy some. 

Next I asked What do you suggest for new store owners to do to increase their sales and views?
More pointedly I ask Cody Do you suggest investing in an advertising campaign of some type?

Cody Nations As in paying for one? It depends on your target market and if you, yourself, can reach them. That's something each indie business owner has to determine for themselves. I do almost all of my marketing myself though. I spend $11 a month in advertising space.

Dianna's advice is "Word of Mouth,advertise all ya can..Sales and promotions."

As for me I do all of my advertising myself and I get around 400 views daily or at least till I got sick I did, time to get back on the advertising track again.  My advice is don't give up, most new business does not do good the first year, but if you keep plugin away and find your niche you will be OK.  
And don't forget to check out these great stores for something unique and fascinating.