Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jewelry trends of 2012

Jewelry ... This Season

It's all over the place - stay classic with pearls!

This Summer jewelry is all about making a big statement. Be it with a necklace, a bangle or a oh so big cocktail ring. From ethnic beading, to exotic stones, to avant garde pieces, the one thing is constant: it must be big and bold, and colorful...

Nature Calls...

Lots of emphasis on natural colors. Also materials such as stone and wood are big this season in jewelry. The natural feels are a organic and botanical looking beads is a big trend especially in pendants.

Bold and Big - a must in Jewelry this season

Large stones, gemstones and seed beads are still front runners, "over the top in size". Natural gem stone jewelry pieces are kept big and bold just as last spring.

Pendants, Charms and Single Stones

Is one better than multiple? Single large stones that hang in a pendant configuration are in .... Women will be wearing bright and somewhat larger charm bracelets, and necklaces this season .

What's Up With Colors!

Natural to bright - anything goes this spring. The bright colors of nature, think vibrant sunset or soft seascape.


There is always and always will be room for metals in beaded jewelry. In medals think sleek and modern designs. Look for an even mixed with natural materials like wood and stone beads mixed with medals. This season the medal piece's have taken on a more modern look.

Silver and Gold

Silver is as always hot! But this season gold is making a good comeback. You will see the two metals mixed , to create some wonderful jewelry piece's. Charms, pendants and larger jewelry beads are what what's seen on runways in the spring lines...