Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's traditions

So I am sitting here working and thinking of what all I have to pick up tomorrow for new years, and I stopped to wonder what everyone else does on new years.

Here is our tradition

New Years eve
5pm: No cooking dinner tonight it has been tradition for almost 10 years now since the first New years eve me and the kids had alone that this is dip
So cheese and hamburger cheese dips gets made, pigs in a blanket,  bacon wrapped hot dogs and chips of course.

8pm: Throw a handful of change out the door. I know this sounds funny but I read somewhere years ago about a tradition in some country or other (been so long I forgot what country) that to bring money in from outside after midnight brings luck all year. So it is just something we do for fun every year.

10pm: Chill the pear cider and wine

11:55; Pour cider and wine

12:am: toast, drink hug call the grand parents and wish them a happy new year, bring in the change. Kids then go to bed and I put black eyed peas in the crock pot for lunch.

New Years Day.

Cook greens, cornbread, ham and potato's to go with the black eyed peas.
and have a lovely lunch

Watch Football

So what is your tradition? Comment below and tell us what you like to do for new years!