Monday, December 10, 2012

Victorian Christmas

So I'm back! after a very hectic week of making products and printing labels and shipping a ton of orders, I even roped in my husband , daughter and friend into helping me with the Christmas rush. Still not done but we have taken a big chunk out of it. Thank you so much to my friends Randal and Jenn for helping me this week, you guys are lifesavers! I hate when I have to miss blogging for a few days but when you are running a business things do crop up. Another BIG shout out go's to Ashley Brooks and her blog for putting me in her holiday gift guide. She is one awesome lady and there are some great gift ideas in her guide. Go check it out and find that special some one the perfect Christmas gift!
 Also dont forget to enter her giveaway for some great prizes
Despite being so busy with Wild Ivy I had to take a break on Sunday for some Family Time and took the kids to something we have here every year called Victorian Christmas at Landmark Park. Landmark park is sort of nature reserve park with trails and boardwalks through the woods, it has a planetarium and does reenactments of old time farm life.Every one has lots of fun every year we go and my daughter brought a friend along this year so they had a blast. We saw a planetarium show drank traditional old time coco and cider and had Victorian era snacks. there were Clydesdale carriage rides and a blacksmith demo a lot of enjoyment for all. Once I have time to edit the video footage I shot today it will be up in my new you tube Volg. but until them here are some pictures I shot today.Ignore the crazy date one the photos I never set it on the camera and have not edited the pictures yet :)

Have a great Monday!!