Friday, November 9, 2012

High School never ends

I do not normally talk very serious on my blog but this is something I've been thinking about for weeks now. Remember how in High school you had the cool kids, they all sat at the same table at lunch and hung out together after school. I was never a cool kid, I have always to this day had a hard time making and keeping friends. I am just one of those people who never know the right thing to say, or what not to say. Somehow I thought graduating would end the cool kids table. But here I am a *cough cough* few years over 29 and still longing to sit at their table and still getting shunned. I am a small online business owner we rely on word of mouth and social media to sell our products. We buy ad space on blogs and beg people to read our blogs just to barely squeak by on basically nothing because we love what we do. We gather in groups to talk about our business and to help each other out with tips and ideas. It is almost like having friends. But even here their is a cool table, and to make it there feels great especially when it helps your business take off even a little. It also hurts even more when you get tossed out. My store currently resides with storenvy a great little place to host a shop, I have almost no complaints. Here there is a hierarchy of people that get together on Facebook and help each other promote their shops ( think of it like the cheer leader giving you a shout out) I loved being part of this group it helped my business and I enjoyed talking to these ladies. Then I made one of my famous boo boos. I put something in my shop that *gasp* was not handmade. Not this is not against the rules of storenvy or of the group I was in but I had just bought an ad on the queen bees blog and she rejected it because of that and kicked me out of the group. I emailed her to let her know I removed the offending item( I needed to make money I had a bill to pay) But I removed it anyway just to get back in with her good graces. What happened? nothing, I never heard from her again I am still dropped from the group and my sales have gone back down. I am also depressed because I actually had started to enjoy myself. If I sound a little whiny I'm sorry but even at my age it still hurts to be rejected and my business is suffering because I am having a hard time find places to advertise that I can afford. Do any of you still feel like there is a cool table? Comment and tell me about it.
Thanks For reading