Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I like Thursday!

This has been a hectic week, several sales to make and ship, getting back into the routine of school for me and the kids, massive studying for finals coming up, Doctors appt's , and on and on it seams to go. But I am not complaining. I love love love getting sales, I am happy to make things that others find appealing. I also don't mind the school work I know I only have a year and a half to go before I get my degree. I am thankful for my kids no matter how crazy they drive me. I just need more energy!!!

Speaking of energy I have found one way to get a little more pep in my step with one of my new Fav's


I know I am a little late in this trend
I thought they would be icky
But I actually like them, to quote a famous talk show host "it is like a glass of fresh!"
I tinkered around with different ingredients and I have found my favorite
it is fresh, sweet and smells lovely
here is what's in it

Fresh baby spinach
mango (frozen)
Peaches (frozen)

blend well and you have a green smoothie, also the reason I use frozen fruit is it takes the place of ice cubes in making the drink more smoothie like.

My second new Fav is in makeup

I was shopping at the dollar tree and found L.A Colors eye shadow in Water Lily and Iris
I have to admit, I am obsessed with eyeshadow and nail polish. The rest of my face may suffer sometimes but my eyeshadow always rocks. I was so thrilled with my L.A colors eyeshadow, highly pigmented
long wearing (I also use a primer) lasted a 16 hour day. and such pretty colors.All for just 1 dollar each!
Well it is time to pick up the kids and do check ups at the docs so have a great Thursday everyone!