Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tutorial Super Fast Crochet Scarf

Super Fast Crochet Scarf

If you need a gift at the last minute or you just want a project that you can finish quickly this is another one for you. Super easy and fast. I think I finished mine in 30 minutes and I crochet really slow for some reason. Here is the finished project 

Use any colors you want mine was an experiment in combining red and pumpkin to see how it turned out. Flamey looking huh!

You need 2 skins of worsted weight yarn both the same color or you can do 2 different colors like I did

a size P or 11.5mm hook

Row 1: 
Holding both threads together chain as many CH as you want the scarf long. Mine was about 150 but my scarf is really long.

Row 2: 
Once you reach the end DC in the 3rd ch from hook and continue all the way across. At the end ch 3 turn. (here I changed to black but you can keep the same color if you want)

Treble crochet all across

Row 6: 
DC across

Row 7: 
SC across
Finish off

That's It Super Easy Super Fast and you have a long chunky scarf perfect for a gift or just for yourself. 
The trick is in the 2 threads and the big hook

Hope you enjoy your scarf and don't forget to follow this blog for more tutorials, tips, and crafts!