Monday, November 5, 2012

The Geek Alphabet

The Geek Alphabet
I found this on Geeks are sexy back in 2010 and found it hilarious I hope you like it too.
Re-posted with permission

A is for Away Team, where you should never wear red

 B is for Binary, 1s and 0s in your head

 C is for Cosplay, making cons an awesome place

D is for Doctor, who keeps changing face

E is for Emoticons, that tell you what we’re feeling

F is for Flickr, whose photos we are “stealing”

G is for Gadgets, the way to our heart

H is for Hardware, I took it apart!

I is for iEverything, love it or hate it

J is for Japan, we’re glad Nintendo invaded

K is for Keyboard, we love every letter

L is for Leias, the more the better!

M is for MMORPGs, it’s a magical place

N is for NASA, and the beauty of space

O is for Occipital Lobe, we love using our brains

P is for Programming, ((though lisp is a pain))

 Q is for Quilting, and other geeky crafts

R is for Reading, no matter what the path

S is for Science, though the cake is a lie

T is for Tabletop, and a 20-sided die

U is for Uncertainty, you just never know

V is for Voltage, oh the places we’ll go!

W is for the World Wide Web, it’s more than just porn

X is for Xerox, where so much geekiness was born

Y is for Youth, since kids are geeks too

Z is for Zork, watch out for the grue!
Have a Happy Monday!!!!