Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tempestuous Thursday

Yes today has been one of those days. I happen to be suffering for something most of you know as teenagers! I am beginning to think my sons goal in life is to see me bald because he is always trying to make me pull my hair out! So I have not been able to do any work all afternoon and have had blogger open for hours and yet to write this post. I am so glad for Now for a nice cup of coffee and time to work.
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I almost forgot I am doing the 15 day challenge and today is day 3
tell a memory from your childhood
My childhood is not something you will see me talk about much as I did not have to great of one. However I have been thinking on this for about 2 days now because I wanted to have a good memory to share. One of the best memory's I have is when I lived in Arkansas. I lived with my guardians and their 2 sons on top of crow mountain and running through our backyard was a creek. I remember getting off the school bus and me and the boys taking off through the backyard running through the creek and up the hill & through a field to get to the general store. The guy that owned the place sold baseball cards for a penny a piece (this was in the 90's)and he had huge boxes of them that we would go through for hours. I have to say that is one of my fondest memory's. 

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